Sunday, January 7, 2018

It's All Behind Us . . .

Caleb and his surgeon, Dr. James Sanders

Well another Christmas season has come and gone but more importantly, Caleb's spinal fusion surgery is behind us. It's been five weeks and Caleb is doing amazing! The first couple of weeks were difficult. It was so hard to see Caleb in so much pain, but after the two week mark his recovery got so much easier.  

The first mornig Caleb was in ICU, his surgeon came and asked him how he was doing. Caleb's reply was, "This is worse than common core math." That gave everyone a good laugh! If you know Caleb, you know that math is the "bane of his existence" as he fourth grade teacher so eloquently said. So for something to be worse than math says a lot.

I did take some pictures of this journey. I want to be able to show Caleb how far he's come. They are not scrapbooked yet, but eventually they will make it into the albums because they tell the story
of his life and this has been a pretty major chapter.

I thought I'd share some of the photos with you. The last blog post I wrote had over 2,000 views - the most any has ever gotten, and I was so touched. I know many of you have been faithfully praying for Caleb and his doctors and medical team. I am so grateful for you and all the prayers! We certainly felt God's presence in this trial. There were hard days and some tears, but God was faithful through everything . . . and tomorrow Caleb goes back to school with a new appreciation for math!

Pre-Op - "Just a little scared, but not too much."

Getting a good report after surgery

First time sitting in a chair - no easy task transferring him from the bed to the chair!

Mustering up a small smile - even if his heart wasn't in it!

Giving the thumbs up . . . 

After three nights in ICU, they moved him to a regular room.
Zach was always happy to see his brother to make sure he was ok!

Headed Home!!
Surgery was Monday and we came home Friday.

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