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Sea World Memories

Remember how I said that Dave was sick with the stomach bug the first night of the cruise? Well, the day we stopped at Port Canaveral, I woke up feeling extremely nauseous. We had already told the boys that we were going to Sea World, and I was just as excited as they were. Dave offered to take the boys by himself, but I didn't want to miss out Caleb and Zach having this adventure. I also knew if Dave took both boys by himself, it would be hard to get lots of  pictures . . . . and there would be a gap in the scrapbook. (I'm only partially kidding!)
So, this Mommy ate very little, took a hour long bus ride to Sea World, and then started walking the park. All day I fought the queasiness and tried to sip Diet Coke and eat a couple of bites of that nutritious theme park food every hour or so. We tried to hit every show that we could because I could just sit. 
I'm happy to report that I did not get any sicker, and I would not have missed this day for the world. Dave could have…

Show Time

The highlight at Sea World for Dave and I was the shows. We got to sit down and contain the boys for a certain period of time! We laughed so hard at a mime that interacted with the audience before the sea lion show. He would mimic or poke fun at the people walking into the arena and getting settled for the show. It was hysterical! Caleb kept asking, "What's so funny?"

Scrapbooking Tips:

I love using shapes for journaling spots! The sketch I was using had one less photo to leave room for jounraling. I wanted more pictures so I added my writing to the embelllishment.

To add dimension to my layout, I popped up some of the bubble stickers with foam squares. I like using larger stickers, but I usually alter them in some way. 

Sea World

Our first Port of Call was Port Canaveral, Florida. We had already decided to take the boys to Sea World, and purchased our tickets, when a couple of weeks before we left a trainer was killed during a show. Until further notice all Shamu shows were canceled. I was so disappointed. We had talking about Orca whales and how we were going to see one. Thankfully, the week we left they started modified shows.
Scrapbooking Tips: This page design I repeated for every new Port of Call. I left white space on the left hand page, placed between the journaling and embellishments. I started pattern paper under the border and carried it onto the left hand page. I placed all photos in a grid on the right page. I created a visual triangle with the gold circle embellishments. (I took the color from the Sea World logo.)
The journaling also follows the same format on all the "Port of Call pages". I tried to capture the highlights of that particular location. 

Another element I repeated was lase…


We quickly learned that cruising with little kids meant spending a lot more time in our cabin. Zach was still napping, and Caleb was used to having "quiet time" every afternoon. This was a good thing because Mommy and Daddy were tired after entertaining two little kids. We brought our portable DVD player and current favorite DVD's and Dave and I slept while the boys really didn't . . . .

Scrapbooking Tips:
I try not to use the same titles repeatedly, but sometimes it can't be helped. I can't remember what kids' movie I got the word "Chillaxin" from, but I thought it just fit these pictures. 
Also, one of my favorite types of pattern paper is stripes. I love that it includes so many colors. The stripe pattern featured here is one I use on many pages to create a cohesive album look.

Our Cabin

Okay, I have this habit of taking pictures of all the cabins we've stayed in. Dave actually encouraged it and then suggested I take a picture of our cabin numbers to add to the scrapbooks. So every cruise album has an "Our Cabin" page.
Dave booked us a balcony suite. Before Caleb got his power chair, we traveled with a huge double stroller. A balcony gave us a place to store the stroller when not in use. We also figured any extra space with the boys would quickly get overtaken with toys, shoes, clothes, the extra suitcases, and anything Zach managed to get into.
Scrapbooking Tips:
Sometimes my letter stickers can get lost against pattern paper.  When this happens I outline them with a dark, fine-tipped marker. The beauty of using white stickers is that sometimes I can color them a certain shade that will "pop them off" the background paper.

Close Ups:
Yes - that is a picture of Caleb standing! He never was able to stand on his own without the help of leg braces …

Leaving NYC

We headed south to Port Canaveral, Great Stirrup Cay & Nassau from New York City. It was great - we drove to the city, parked right at the pier, and boarded. It was great not having to fly to catch the boat, especially with two little guys and assorted toys in tow.
Another perk of leaving from NY was sailing past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Those are two places I had never been to, and claimed a spot at the deck railing to have optimal photo opportunities. These are the best I could do. (Hint: I got much better pictures on the way back into NYC. Stay tuned!)
Zach was much more interested in running once we sprung him from the stroller. Dave ended up running after him. I had built up the Statute of Liberty to Caleb, so he wanted to stay with me at the railing. We were on our way South and we were having fun!

Scrapbooking Tip - Letter Stickers:
One area of my supplies I have simplified are my letter stickers. I found a brand I LOVE - Doodlebug Design. I have all sorts of…

Cruise Album!

I've decided to show a vacation album from the first page to the last, and this was one memorable vacation. 
We cruised to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Gem, and it was our only experience with Norwegian Cruise Lines. We had mixed feelings.
Do you remember the swine flu epidemic? Shortly before we left on vacation there was even a cruise ship where most of the passengers ended up with this dreaded flu and the ship was quarantined. We were scheduled to leave on a Saturday and on the Thursday night before Caleb was up all night vomiting. Saturday morning as we were getting in the car to leave for NYC, Dave asked me where we kept the Pepto Bismo. Not a good sign . . . . he reassured me he was fine . . . . he was coming off of night shifts and his stomach was a little off.
While we were waiting in line to board the ship, we were asked to fill out a health survey asking questions like, have we been sick with stomach / intestinal issues, or been in contact with anyone who has. Dave took…

Happy July 4th!

It's been a long time since my last post . . . the reason, plain and simple - grief. I have not scrapbooked since the first week of May. The last time I tried I broke down in tears at pictures of Dave smiling back at me. I have not really pulled out the pictures since then, or even wanted to look at any. It has been too painful. 
But, the desire to get my paper, scissors and photos out is beginning to return. It's like I can hear Dave's voice in my head, telling me to, "Go scrap it out." That's what he used to say to me when I was stressed . . . "Go scrap it out." 
So, I've dusted off the scrapbooks and started reliving some of the good memories . . . and July 4th, 2008 was one of them. Caleb and I spent the day at Minerva Lake. Dave was working and I was very pregnant with Zachary, who was born that August. Caleb was all smiles and so happy to be in the water and playing in the dirt. 
I had so many cute pictures of Caleb that I wanted to put o…