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The Gray Rider

Here's another layout featuring my Zach Attack, this time he's dressed up and posing. I snapped these pictures of him outside of the NYS Police Academy. It was May 6, 2014, and they were adding Dave's name to a memorial in Albany, recognizing all law enforcement officers from a NY agency who died in the line duty. Poor Caleb was pretty sick and could not attend, and Zach was upset because he had to go! Once he saw The Gray Rider he enjoyed performing for Mommy. I got some great shots of him, and the oversize Stetson is just too cute!

Handmade Embellishments I went all out on this layout and even did some hand stitching to mimic the look of the pattern paper. The navy blue color scheme worked with the colors in the photos and fit the somber occasion. 

Journaling  When Zach saw the statue and went into the Academy and saw Daddy's picture on the wall he told me he wanted to be a trooper. Granted he was only five, and he can change his mind many times over, but the thought doe…

A Bouquet for Mommy

This layout just makes me smile! My little Zach Attack picked some yellow weeds and was so proud to bring me this bouquet. I had to take his picture and I love this cheesy smile. It's so sweet and I made a whole layout around this one photo.

Title Treatment I like mixing and matching different different sizes and sticker fonts. It adds some interest to the title, emphasizes important words, and it stretches my "stash". Another way I try to stretch my stash is to use shapes to replace letters, such as the heart for the "o" in Mommy. I've also been known to cut stickers apart and piece them together to create letters I may have already used. For example, I will cut a "d" down to be an "a", or cut apart a "x" to make apostrophes.

Photo Close Up I love layering stickers. In this layout I created a border of daisy stickers to mimic Zach's bouquet. To make it "flow" with the layout I glued the photo down on one daisy and th…

My Mommy's Heart

I think every layout I do is special, but some are just a little bit more special than others. This is one of those layouts.
When we were in Washington DC for Police Week, I was very insistent that we go to the FDR Memorial. Dave and I had gone there in 1997, the first year the exhibit was open. They later added the statute of Franklin Roosevelt in a wheelchair. Dave and I wanted to take Caleb there. 

Caleb was diagnosed with SMA when he was two years old. Once he was old enough I started reading him biographies of people with disabilities who went on to do great things - Louis Braille (who was blind), Beethoven (who was deaf), Helen Keller (who was deaf and blind), and Franklin Roosevelt (who couldn't walk because of polio) - just to name a few. Dave and I knew that Caleb would have physical limitations, but we wanted to consistently expose him to those who overcame their physical disabilities. I know he doesn't understand right now, but I'm hoping one day his story will be…

Together We Will Find a CURE

This is a layout near and dear to my heart. One thing our family is passionate about is funding medical research for a treatment and cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Dave and I became chapter leaders for CURE SMA (formally Families of SMA) and host a annual 5K / Walk-n-Roll. We promised Caleb that we would not stop until there was a cure for him, and we agreed as a family that we wanted to raise (at least) $1 Million for CURE SMA. No parent should have to sit and hear what we were told, "No treatment. No cure."

Because the day of the event is so crazy, I asked one of my students, Hannah Balta, to come and photograph the event. She donated her time and took some awesome pictures that are definitely scrapbook worthy!

Not only did I have awesome photos to scrap, but I used a lot of fun techniques and am very pleased with the results.

Balloon Bouquets I used a die from The Stamps of Life to cut balloons out of CURE SMA's colors - orange and purple. I love how they mimic the…

Kisses for Mommy

I love this scrapbook layout!! I don't get to "do" pink and frilly with two boys and an abundance of nephews, but when I saw these photos my Mom took, I knew this was going to be a girly looking page.

We were in Washington DC for Police Week and while waiting for our lunch to come, Zach decided he had to give me some kisses. It was so impromptu and so sweet!

I used a a sketch from Scrapbook Generation - my go to source for inspiration. Then I used papers, stickers and embellishments from all the same paper collection - Simple Stories' Vintage Bliss.

Scrapbooking Tips: This is one of my go-to techniques - layering stickers. I placed the heart and small flower stickers where I wanted them. Then I placed an adhesive foam square on the back of the larger sticker. I then dusted the back of the sticker with baby powder to keep it from sticking. By only adhering it with a foam square I added some dimension. 

I mimicked the layered circle and sticker embellishments for my j…

Hello My Friend!

Okay, for some of you part of this story may be repetitive, but keep reading because it becomes even better!!!

In April of 2013 I attended a Creating Keepsakes Convention (CKC) and took a class with Stephanie Barnard from The Stamps of Life. She designs clear stamps and dies. I had always attempted to stamp for card making, but just didn't seem to get the "knack". After taking her class, I fell in love with her products and spent the rest of my birthday money at her booth AND joined her monthly stamp club.
I came home and became thoroughly addicted to stamping and her products. The Stamps of Life website also has a ton of videos with Stephanie demonstrating how to use her products, sharing stamping techniques and projects, answering questions, and "Life with Stephanie" videos where she shares personal stories. She starts every video by saying, "Hello my friends!" I would spread out my supplies on the dining room table and watch video after video whil…

Life Goes On . . . .

I haven't been blogging much . . . it's been a few crazy months with very little time left to scrapbook or craft . . . so I thought I would show you what the boys and I have been doing. (Scrapbook layouts to follow later this year!)

Walking & Rolling for a Cure

This past September we held our 3rd annual 5K / Walk & Roll for Cure SMA. This was bittersweet. Dave always did a huge amount of the planning and work for this event, but I know that he would be very proud, despite the pain, I carried on, but it was worth it because we're $25,000 closer to a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy! We also renamed the event to honor Dave - it's now the Trooper Cunniff 5K / Walk-n-Roll.
Counting Our Blessings

This was our first Thanksgiving without Dave, and poor Zach had a hard time. In 2013, Dave and I went to Zach's Thanksgiving Feast at school, and Dave volunteered to carve the turkey. The week before this year's Thanksgiving feast, I got a call from Zach's teache…