Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Gray Rider

Here's another layout featuring my Zach Attack, this time he's dressed up and posing. I snapped these pictures of him outside of the NYS Police Academy. It was May 6, 2014, and they were adding Dave's name to a memorial in Albany, recognizing all law enforcement officers from a NY agency who died in the line duty. Poor Caleb was pretty sick and could not attend, and Zach was upset because he had to go! Once he saw The Gray Rider he enjoyed performing for Mommy. I got some great shots of him, and the oversize Stetson is just too cute!

Handmade Embellishments
I went all out on this layout and even did some hand stitching to mimic the look of the pattern paper. The navy blue color scheme worked with the colors in the photos and fit the somber occasion. 

When Zach saw the statue and went into the Academy and saw Daddy's picture on the wall he told me he wanted to be a trooper. Granted he was only five, and he can change his mind many times over, but the thought doesn't scare me. Somehow I think that Dave would want me to encourage him in this. Dave LOVED being a trooper, and the State Police certainly have been good to me and the boys. I would be very proud to have Zach be a trooper and I know Dave would be too.

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