Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our Cabin

Okay, I have this habit of taking pictures of all the cabins we've stayed in. Dave actually encouraged it and then suggested I take a picture of our cabin numbers to add to the scrapbooks. So every cruise album has an "Our Cabin" page.

Dave booked us a balcony suite. Before Caleb got his power chair, we traveled with a huge double stroller. A balcony gave us a place to store the stroller when not in use. We also figured any extra space with the boys would quickly get overtaken with toys, shoes, clothes, the extra suitcases, and anything Zach managed to get into.

Scrapbooking Tips:

Sometimes my letter stickers can get lost against pattern paper.  When this happens I outline them with a dark, fine-tipped marker. The beauty of using white stickers is that sometimes I can color them a certain shade that will "pop them off" the background paper.

Close Ups:

Yes - that is a picture of Caleb standing! He never was able to stand on his own without the help of leg braces that stopped just short of his knees (AFO's). Until he grew too tall, with his AFO's on, he could stand if holding onto something and side step. You could never really leave him standing unattended because his knees could buckle and he would fall. He lost this ability shortly before his fourth birthday. Just another reason to despise SMA.

Daddy was just awesome! I love this picture of my three boys. He was so motivated to keep our dream to travel after Caleb's SMA diagnosis . . . and we did. 

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