Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Daddy & Zachary

Zachary just celebrated his sixth birthday - and his first without Daddy. Other than our first Christmas without Dave, just five days after his funeral, the boys' birthdays have been the hardest "firsts" for me. I always think back to the day they were born, and it was just Dave and I in the delivery room. Dave held both boys before I did. It was Dave up with me in the middle of the nights. And it was Dave the boys first fell in love with!

These pictures were taken in the first few months of Zachary's life. He was such a fussy baby - especially those first few months. Lots of holding, burping, and letting him fall asleep up on our shoulder so he'd keep his last meal down.

As far as the scrapbook layout, I kept it simple because of the busy pattern paper I wanted to use. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have used light blue stickers directly on the pictures because they blend into the colors of the photos on the right page. But it looked good at the time I was scrapping - and I was most likely sleep deprived because I had a fussy four month old!

Photo Close Ups:

I took this picture at 1:00am Zachary's first night home from the hospital. That was a miserable night with both Dave and I trying to calm Zach down. Daddy had the magic touch! We waited until Zach was in a deep sleep before we tried laying him down and going back to bed.

Daddy and his little man! Zach was about two months old when this was photo was taken. Dave absolutely loved being a daddy - and Zach adored his "Dayee".

I should do a layout of all the pictures of Dave asleep with the boys! As any new parents, we slept when we could - and with Zach we never knew when the next nap might be. If Zach was sleeping it seemed either Dave or I was sleeping too - and obviously Dave didn't waste anytime moving to the couch or bedroom!

I know that Zach's memories of Dave will be few and far between. That is so painful to me. Zach had the world's best daddy and he won't remember. He'll have to be told what Dave was like and how much Daddy loved him. But, you know what they say . . . a picture's worth a thousand words.

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