Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Great Escape - Part II

These pictures were just begging to be scrapbooked! Zach was so adorable in his rain poncho, and also easy to spot from a distance in the bright yellow. His mission was to step in every puddle possible. He was also fascinated by the grates. He had to stop and look, and if there was anything nearby that would fit, drop something into the water.

Caleb figured out the faster he drove through the puddles, the bigger the spray. When Caleb realized he could splash Zach he started driving circles around his little brother. It was so much fun to watch them doing "normal" boy activities. That's one of the little things we never take for granted!

Scrapbooking Tip:
One of my favorite "go to" techniques is to attach a sticker with dimensional adhesive so it pops off the page. I love how it gives the cloud a "puffy" look.


  1. I'm out of foam tape. Need to grab some... Thanks for the reminder w/ such a sweet memory!

  2. Amy, I am loving these layouts (and the tips!) and the stories that go with them. This one is a favorite because it shows how kids will have fun no matter the circumstances.

  3. I love the clouds with the words on them! Never would have thought to do something like that.


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