I Have a Picture Problem . . . .

I have a picture problem. I admit that. Dave was the one to bring it to my attention. To his credit, he lovingly indulged me. That's how we ended up with these two pictures. Here's the story . . . 

On every cruise Dave and I had been on, we've always had our picture taken as we boarded. I often used that picture for the first page of the vacation album. I was planning on that picture for the boys' first cruise album. Because Caleb was using a stroller in place of a wheelchair, they had us bypass the picture line. 

Later I was in our cabin letting Zach have some "down time" hoping he'd fall asleep for a cat nap. Dave took Caleb out and about to explore the ship. While they were taking in the Lido Deck they encountered a ship's photographer. They posed for the picture and went on their way. When Dave got back and told me about it, I dragged them out for a family picture because that would make the perfect "title page" for an album! I promised Dave I would only purchase the family picture.

When we got to the photo gallery I "just had" to get both pictures - and they didn't end up being the title page. Once again, Dave indulged my picture addiction. I'm so glad he did!

June 2009


  1. I've just read through all your posts & have thoroughly enjoyed them as well as your pictures. You are an artist...how beautiful! As I told you the night of Dave's wake, "You are an amazing woman." That couldn't be more true & it's clear Dave felt the same way about you. Amy, you are truly an inspiration to me. Thank you for taking Dave's advice & for sharing your heart.We pray for you daily & this helps to guide our prayers. Know that you are loved, my friend...


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