Thursday, January 9, 2014

Great Escape - Part III

Much to my surprise, Caleb loved The Scrambler ride. I did not want to let him - I was worried he could get hurt, but Dave said, "I'll go with you, Buddy!" I gave him "the look" and he assured me Caleb would be fine. Caleb was not only fine, but wanted to ride it two more times.

The second time around, Caleb wanted me to go with him. While we were waiting for the ride to start Caleb started singing, "You spin me right around, Baby, right around, " in his best Alvin the Chipmunk voice. Just like his Daddy, Caleb can always find an appropriate song to match the occasion.

Scrapbooking Tip:
I found that the perfectionist in me was taking way too long to create titles when I tried to line the stickers up in a straight line. So to save time I started layering and "tipping" my letter stickers - and for this title that technique was perfect!

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