Friday, January 3, 2014

It was the Everyday Things . . . .

As I look back and reflect on Dave's life, his greatness came from all the little everyday things he did for me and his boys. The everyday things showed his love, compassion and certainly patience. I feel like I captured that side of Dave on this layout.

Dave and I have spent a lot of time building LEGOS the past couple of years! In 2012, we were in Minnesota for the Families of SMA conference and were about fifteen minutes from the Mall of America where there is an awesome LEGO Store. Caleb insisted on a massive Dinosaur LEGO set complete with a helicopter. We built it back in our hotel room and the boys had a blast playing with it while we were there.

However, we learned that LEGOS don’t travel well. After the three day drive home the helicopter had broken apart. Dave spent just as long rebuilding it as I had building it the first time!

I made this layout using a sketch from Scrapbook Generation. I like their clean linear looks. I picked the color scheme to compliment Dave and Caleb’s shirts. These pages don’t showcase any spectacular event, but everyday life at the Cunniff’s. 


  1. I am so enjoying these posts...:) It is the actions in "everyday things" of life that amount to one's greatness. Dave 's life here on earth was truly great.

  2. Sounds like the love shared in the everyday life was the spectacular event. Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us.


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