Friday, February 14, 2014

Mommy's Valentines

This is a page from 2009. Zach was six months and Caleb had just turned two. I had taken pictures on Valentine's Day of them opening up little presents from Dave and I, but they didn't smile and the pictures just weren't salvageable, but I got these great smiles later that day . . . . so they made the cut.

Valentine's Day was not a big celebration for Dave and I. We had a system . . . we would go out to dinner the day before or after Valentine's Day to avoid long waits and inflated dinner prices. Then we would cuddle up on the couch with the computer and we would each "shop" for the other one. I usually picked out some scrapbooking paper and Dave would pick out a guitar accessory. It wasn't horribly romantic, but we grew to love this tradition. (Our anniversary celebrations were similar!)

Once we had kids, we focused more on them. We bought little Valentine's treats for the boys - usually a book and some chocolate treat. Just another day to hug, kiss and cuddle the boys . . . .

Scrapbooking Questions . . . . 
I've been asked some questions regarding my blog so I thought I'd share the answers here . . .

Have I scraped all these pages since January 1st?
No. I have tried to scrapbook a little since Dave's death, but looking at family pictures still can bring on the tears. I have done a few pages, but they focus on my nieces and nephews, or just Caleb and Zach. Seeing Dave's smile makes me miss him even more. . . . I will scrap the pictures, but my emotions are still a little raw.

Do I scrapbook in chronological order?
No. I still have baby pictures of the boys I have yet to do, and they are still in the "to do" pile. I keep my photos organized by year, and I scrapbook whatever "strikes my fancy". The only time I stay focused on a single theme is when I am working on a vacation album.

How do I pick the layouts to post?
To pick the pages to post on this blog I go through my albums and pull out pages. I take pictures of various layouts and post them randomly. There's no real rhyme or reason as to what I pick, unless it's Caleb's birthday or Valentine's Day.

Yes, I know I have an addiction!!
It's no longer a secret I have a picture problem! I never tried to hide it. However, Dave fully supported this addiction and called it my "therapy". When things got stressful, Dave would take the boys out of the house for a couple of hours, and told me to "scrap it out." He totally allowed me this indulgence and encouraged it. A couple of hours scrapbooking did me a world of good - and I was usually calmer after some creative time. Dave would always ask to see what I had done and "ooh and aah" over the layouts, and sometimes he even gave suggestions. He always was encouraging me to try to submit my pages for publication . . . . and start a blog! :)

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