Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Great Zachinni

Have I mentioned that Dave was a fun daddy? His sense of humor and love of life showed up in absolutely everything he did, even in the most basic parenting tasks like putting Zach in his pajamas. I was busy doing something with Caleb when I heard Dave call me. Zach was giggling as Dave would say, "May I present, The Great Zachinni!" Zach's shirt got stuck on his head and reminded Dave of the turban some magicians wear. Zach just thought that this was hysterical!!

Of course, I had to run and get the camera. . . . and then Zach stopped giggling, but he was still pretty cute! (I love all the rolls on his legs and his pudgy arms but am glad he thinned out as he got taller.)  This is just another layout capturing the everyday moments with Daddy.

Journaling Up Close:

Close Ups:

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