Friday, August 24, 2018

Agent P

These are the layouts I enjoy making - remembering the cute quirky things my boys did when they were little that would otherwise be forgotten over time. Zach loved his Perry the Platypus hoodie, but he stole Caleb's Indiana Jones hat (which Caleb insists on calling a fedora) and came to show Dave he was Agent P from Phineas & Ferb. For months afterwards, whenever Zach would wear this sweatshirt he would go looking for the fedora. 

On an unrelated note, we ended up buying Zach his own fedora that Christmas. . . we were starting to have to settle fights over which boy could wear it when!

Scrapbooking Tip:
I'll admit - I debated whether or not to share this layout because the photos were not great. Zach's eyes are closed in two of the three pictures. One photo was zoomed in, but the best photo was not. I almost didn't scrapbook these pictures at all. BUT, that sweatshirt and hat were a big deal to Zach in 2012! He spent lots of time dressed up as Perry the Platypus, but these were the only photos. In my Disney mega pad of paper there was even a Perry sheet of paper, that's how popular this character was when my boys were young! So closed eyes or not, to this mommy, the pictures were deserving of their own layouts. Don't think you can't scrap less-than-perfect pictures. If they're important to you and tell a story, they definitely belong in a scrapbook!

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