Monday, March 17, 2014

Daddy's Helper

These pictures are shadowed and blurry, but I absolutely love them! It's Caleb helping Dave build his little Crazy Coupe car. Caleb loved it when Dave pulled out his screwdriver, and had to have one too, just like his daddy.

This is before we realized that Caleb had SMA, and our doctor had suggested we get a riding toy that would force Caleb to use his legs. It's a little painful to see Caleb sorta standing in the second picture. We were still blissfully ignorant at how developmentally far behind he was, especially because when he wanted to he could balance and stand. Helping his Daddy was motivating.

That's one of the many things I'm really missing about Dave - his ability to think outside the box to motivate Caleb. Everything is so hard for Caleb because of the SMA and he gives up easily. Frankly, I would too. Dave could do things in a way where Caleb thought he was having fun, and little did he know, Daddy was sneaking in some exercises and extra physical or occupational therapy. This was just one of the many ways Dave was an awesome daddy.

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