Sunday, March 16, 2014

Like Mother, Like Son

This was a fun page to put together. Dave used to make fun of me because I would fall asleep all the time with my glasses on and my book laid open across my chest. Many nights I'd wake up as he was taking my glasses off. Once I fell asleep with a bottle of hand cream standing up on my chest. Dave got a lot of mileage picking on me for that! 

Caleb follows in his mommy's foot steps. Dave went in one night to check on the boys before we headed to bed. As I was climbing into bed I heard, "Amy, come here and bring your camera."  There was Caleb fast asleep with his Buzz Lightyear toy on his chest. Dave began picking on me all over again. 

Since then we found him asleep in various positions - toy cars in his hands, a book open across his face, his toy cars all lined up on his bed. Yep - he takes after his mommy, and it's one of the few things that he gets from me. In so many ways he's just like his daddy.

Scrapbooking Tip:

I stole this page idea from my favorite scrapbooker, Allison Davis of Scrapbook Generation. I loved the circle background and I stitched around one circle and used one of my favorite embellishments - buttons! The striped strip of paper under the picture helps anchor the design.

Close Up:
The picture that inspired the layout.

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