Dress Up

Have I mentioned lately that Dave was an awesome daddy? I know I sound like a broken record, but words just don't communicate how devoted Dave was to his boys. 

Zach loves to dress up. He went (unwillingly) with me to Hobby Lobby and found, in my opinion, the ugliest black foam pirate hat. He HAD TO HAVE it! He was so excited about this hat and it was only $3 - the best $3 I ever spent. This was two years ago now, and both he and Caleb still wear it.

One night Zach wanted Dave to be the pirate, and Dave just played along. He didn't just wear the hat, but talked in his best "RRRR, me mateys" pirate voice, and even put the boys to bed in character. He told them that they had to walk the plank, and then proceeded to drop them into the ocean (aka their beds).

I miss all the characters and voices Dave did. I try to imitate him when the boys ask, but it's nothing like Daddy's.


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