Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Darth Vader's Lightsabers

These are a couple of layouts from our Baking Memories 4 Kids Disney trip - and what an amazing
experience they capture! Caleb LOVES all things Star Wars and he had an fantastic time doing Jedi Training, after which we headed over to the Star Tours Ride. While we were waiting in line we saw Darth Vader posing for pictures and the boys went to get in that line, but we were  told that this photo op was for kids who were not able to do Jedi Training. Even though the boys were disappointed, they didn't say a word and kept going toward the entrance to the ride.

About two minutes later we heard someone calling, "Caleb! Caleb!" We turned to see a Disney employee looking for Caleb. We were shocked when we he said, "Darth Vader would like to meet you," Caleb took off following the employee. Darth and his stormtroopers were waiting for him and Darth handed Caleb his lightsaber! At first Caleb thought it was just to hold for the picture, but then Darth pointed to where he had autographed it and said Caleb could keep it. Caleb was ecstatic! 

Even three years later, that lightsaber still holds a special place in Caleb's heart. We don't take it out or pass it around too much, and Darth Vader's autograph is still legible. Caleb has already said that when he has a son (who will be named Luke), he will give him this special lightsaber.

Scrapbooking Tip:

I have many Star Wars stickers but no lightsaber stickers that were big enough or " just right" for these layouts.  I searched "lightsaber scrapbooking embellishments" and saw many versions of a paper pieced lightsaber. So I grabbed a pile of scraps, and through trial and error, and put together the hilt of the saber, using an enamel dot for the power button. I wanted the embellishments to be a focal point so I stretched the blade of the lightsaber across both pages.

To keep continuity between the two layouts I used the same lightsaber technique and the pattern paper. 

On an Unrelated Star Wars Note:

To write this blog entry I actually had to consult a Star Wars style guide! I didn't even know that it existed until I googled "Do you capitalize lightsaber?" You can find this invaluable resource on The article title even made me smile, "Our 'Star Wars' style guide will help you avoid Wookie mistakes."

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